Shin Buddhist Confirmation Ceremony
Jury's Inn Hotel (Suite 104), Charlotte Place, Southampton, SO14 0TB

In this Shin Buddhist Ceremony, performed before the alter of Amida Buddha and Shinran Shonin, one takes the important step of affirming one's reverence for the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and ones determination to tread the path to Buddhahood.

At the conclusion of proceedings on day two of the 17th ESC at the SUCC the candidates for Kikyoshiki and all delegates that would like to attend the ceremony should make their way to the Jury's Inn Hotel. The quickest way of making this trip is to simply stroll across Andrews (East) Park. The conference will finish at 15:10 and the Kikyoshiki Ceremony will begin in Suite 104 of Jury's Inn at 16:30.

The Jury's Inn overlooks the north-side of East Park and the conference center is just a short walk away and on the south-side of East Park, which is also known as Andrews Park because there is a memorial to this man on the central path through the park.

Richard Andrews was born in the city in 1796 and would in later life be elected to the position of Mayor on no fewer than five different occasions. The statue was unveiled two years after his death in 1861.

  Map with walk route between venues

5mins walk from the conference center, and 10mins walk from Jury's Inn.

The last two European Shin Conferences took place in Kyoto and Dusseldorf. At each of these venues our religious services and alike, including Kikyoshiki took place in Buddhist Temples. As this is one facility that we are bereft of here in Southampton, the ESC organizing committee at Chomon House had to look hard at alternatives and we are certain that the Jury's Inn Hotel is a good choice, particularly because it has the facilities and space to hold first the Kikyoshiki Ceremony and then, about an hour and a half later, a special dinner generously hosted by Hongwanji and the IASBS.

In the interval between these two events there will be a photo-call!